Learn to Fly in Albany Western Australia:

Great Southern Aviation and Rainbow Coast Flying School

Your flying training will be one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling things you will ever do. Contact us for the details you will need to start your flying career. We operate 2 flying schools from the same office – one is General Aviation (GA) called Great Southern Aviation, and the other is in Recreational Flying (RAA) called Rainbow Coast Flying School. We can train you to fly a small 2 seater right through to a full Commercial Pilot Licence. We also offer flying packages which includes accommodation at The Rooster Retreat, Elleker, only 10 minutes from the airport.

There are many reasons to conduct your flying training at Albany:

  • Airport has low traffic density and is part of the training area so NO time lost in transit
  • The “airwaves” are uncluttered and therefore easier to concentrate on flying
  • There are NO queues waiting to enter the runway so BIG savings on your training
  • With low traffic you can maximise the training in the circuit area at NO extra cost to you
  • The view from the “office” is unparalleled with some of the most spectacular scenery you are likely to see
  • Only a few minutes drive from the centre of Albany

VANS RV’s in formation over Albany’s brilliant coastline. Albany has a very active formation team of up to 12 RV’s.