Since the introduction of CASR Part 61, some specialised instruction can be conducted by an independent instructor. This includes:

  1. Design Feature Endorsements – Ralph has long specialised in training on tailwheel type aircraft, and has completed over 5500hrs time on this type.
  2. Flight Activity Endorsements – Ralph has been the key person in the training of formation pilots in Albany. He has over 300hrs of formation time in VANS RVs.
  3. General Competency Training – Ralph conducts training under 61.385, particularly on tailwheels and in VANS RV types.
  4. Flight Reviews – Where a pilot completes training in items 1-3 (above), Ralph is able to signoff on their BFR. Ralph can complete a review on an LLR under a special Instrument.
2016-04-25 Anzac 11 (crop 2)

Formation flight team practice over Albany harbour

Your CFI – Ralph Burnett

Ralph is actually a tertiary trained agricultural scientist and horticulturist, and many WA wheatbelt farmers will remember his consulting days spent there. Ralph has held a PPL since 1963, and a CPL since 1965.

After flying in PNG from 1965-70 (and attaining ‘all-over’ commercial approval), he moved to Perth, and since then has flown in many different roles. Ralph holds an Instructor Grade 1 rating with low-level training approval, an agricultural rating, and a night multi rating. He has been flying RAAus since 2006, and holds CFI and ROC approvals. During his career in WA, Ralph has owned 9 different GA aircraft, and 2 RAAus types. As of 1st January 2017, Ralph has in excess of 13,000 flying hours.

Cesna on take-off at Yalingup, WA